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Rower R-750

515,00 € .

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Usage: Intensive sport
Colour: Metal
Resistance system: Air
Max user weight (kg): 135
Frame: Steel and aluminum of high quality
Adjustment of pedals: Yes
Transport wheels: Yes
Digital screen: Yes
Speed display: Yes
Distance display: Yes
Calorie display: Yes
Time display: Yes
Pulse display: Optional
Scan function: Yes
Wireless heart rate transmitter: No
Bearings: Industrial
Trainer size (cm): 212 x 53 x 75
Trainer weight (kg): 28
Guarantee: 2 years
Manufacturer: Joy Sport Fitness-Import B.V., the Netherlands
Package size (cm): 110 x 25 x 54
Package weight (kg): 30

If you are looking to improve your endurance and strength, rowing machines are a great product to invest in!
The Joy Sports Rower R-750 has been designed from materials of the selected quality. Thus, the rail system is constructed from aluminum which is attached to a steel base frame to obtain durability. Furthermore, all rotating parts are with bearings of high quality that ensure a long life. Finishing accomplished with meticulous care. For example, the well fixed seat is ergonomically shaped, the adjustable footrests and foot straps are especially comfortable thus the rowing movement is very natural.
It also offers well-proven air resistance system of a very high pressure so you can achieve high training intensities and speed in top condition.
Air rowing machines are often considered to be the closest mach to rowing on water. Air resistance gives a smooth rowing action and is usually preferred by enthusiasts.
Computer with a digital screen, showing: for time, distance, calories, speed, pulse (optional), scan function.
Foldable, space saving. Adjustable footrests. Transportation wheels. User weight 135 kg. Maximum height 200 cm.
The flywheel is directly driven by a pull chain.
If you want an intensive, low impact cardio workout that can also help tone your full body, a home rowing machine is an affordable and compact choice of fitness equipment. Rowing helps to improve your suppleness and posture, as well as developing many of your major muscle groups such as legs, arms, back, chest and abdominal, strengthens heart and lung functions.
An experienced rower can reach 35 beats per minute on a rowing machine. That is slow compared to 110 rotations per minute of a cyclist on a spinning bike but this is due to the greater resistance that you encounter at every stroke. For this reason, a rowing machine for strength training is better than a cross trainer, home trainer-bike or spinning bike.
With the Joy Sports Rower R-750 and its good training program, preferably 4 to 5 times a week on the rowing machine, you will actually see the difference!

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